Liz Johnson, PhD (CV) – Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator

Liz is a molecular biologist specializing in genomic and metabolomic approaches to studying the effects of nutrition on the gut microbiome.  She did her postdoctoral training in the lab of Ruth Ley (Department of Microbiome Science, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany) while collaborating with the lab of Tilla Worgall (Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University, New York, NY).  She received her PhD in Molecular Biology from Princeton University where she used high-throughput sequencing techniques to understand how cells maintain cellular integrity during times of prolonged cell cycle arrest.

Henry Le, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Associate

Min-Ting Lee – Graduate Student

Min-Ting is working on understanding how transfer of sphingolipids between host and microbe can define symbiotic relationships.

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